Friday, 28 April 2017

Wrap up meeting after the first stage of the Call Nature Based Solutions for Smart Cities. Sharing Lessons Learned

The meeting, prepared by Olga Gil has summed up on the learning experiences of the H2020 process together with Zabala. It has taken place in Villafranca del Castillo´s UCJC Campus on April the 5th, 2017. We have recorded the session, that will  soon be available for partners that could no attend. Attendants included our consultancy partners: Zabala, as well as our Vicerrector for Innovation and Research, the Director of the School of Arquitectura, the company Dot GIS Corporation, representatives from the School of Architecture and from the School of Communications, Rosa María from UCJC Foundation, and Elicia Cortés, from UCM Madrid. We thank Medialab Experience at UCJC, Catergest and Elicia Cortés for the kind assistance and help. 

We are preparing a video of the session held, that we want to share with partners unable to attend. We expect it ready after Easter time.

Elena Calzado addressing the attendants

Evelio Jimeno addressing the attendants

Picture of the attendants

From left to right, on the front: Evelio Jimeno, Olga Gil. On the back: Daniel Esguevillas, Borja Dominguez and Miguel Fernandez from Dot GIS Corp., Vicerrector of Innovation and Research, Francesco Sandulli, Rosana Rubio, Marta Toral, Director of the School of Architecture, Miguel Angel García Camacho, Rosa María González Vivas, from UCJC Foundation, and Elena Calzado, head of the Madrid Office, Zabala.

Interested on more lessons? Please read: Setting up a Consortium H2020. First Lesson 

Pictures were taken by Elicia Cortés.

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