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Starting up a research program on smart cities at Universidad Camilo José Cela

On March 2016 The School of Communications at +Universidad Camilo José Cela and the International Center of Government and Political Marketing (CIGMAP) decidedly bet to start up a research program based on Smart Cities, aligned with the strategic levers of UCJC: 1) international 2) interdisciplinary 3) innovative. 


I took the baton, and I leverage my previous work with the Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium, based on the Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany. Also on international grounds,  I worked to complete the network with leading European specialist in local government, including University De Montfort as well as well as University of Zagreb. It is also international because it is grounded on my previous experience on global branding, and the application of this experience to the work presented on smart cities to exclusive audiences and to stakeholders in China, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, and the United States from 2013.


Working on interdisciplinary grounds, and following the indications of our Vice Rector for Innovation and Research, we start approaching formally and informally other Faculties and Schools +Universidad Camilo José Cela, and a month later, on April 14th, the first meeting of the the "Smart Cities and Smart Citizens" UCJC Research Group was held in UCJC Villafranca Campus.


On that first interdisciplinary meeting we had the presence and commitment of the UCJC Foundation Head, Rosa María González Vivas, from the School of Architecture, The Faculty of Communications, The Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Education. We all shared a commitment to applied research and impact on society.

Are there other secrets related to building up a working network with a focused purpose?
Keep busy and work hard, both within and outside the organization, reaching out key stakeholders. And, definitely, having the backing of your boss, in my case, my Dean, Jorge Santiago Barnés. Thanks Jorge! And also, get the best partners to work with. But that is the subject matter of other posts.

This post is an introduction to the first steeps on that program, and a expression of gratitude to people who made it possible in march, at the kickstart: the Dean of the School of Communications, Jorge Santiago Barnés. The four training sessions prepared by the Vice Rectorate of Innovation and Research in autumn 2015, both in Villafranca and Ferraz. The UCJC wednesday strategy sessions by Sonsoles Escribano, key to understand what should be strategic for all of us. And the help of people I meet on these sessions, eager to help from the start: Rosa María Gonzalez Vivas, then Head at Fundación UCJC and the Faculty of Law, represented by María Luisa Fernandez de Soto, who has come to all the meetings and compromised herself from the start. It is also a expression of gratitude to those professors coming to different meetings, and their names will be credited in following entries.

For that intense first meeting, as well as for partners and stakeholders, information was prepared and shared both internally we started to share intentions with international partners. By half June, we had many on board

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The following posts cover some of the landmark meetings as well as materials refereed and shared for the draft proposal. In the following months posts about our partners, pictures and further details on the how-to proceed with this kind of research will be published, as they are unpublished and in draft form now. 

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And we end with a selfie together with Tian-Cheng Zheng, the Ph. D. student who helped us out with pictures and video recording of the first interdisciplinary meeting geared from the School of Communications at UCJC. Many thanks!


Dr. Olga Gil                                        

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