Thursday, 30 March 2017

While our students flight back from Shanghai: Global Media and China and opportunities for the summer in China. From @ResearcherOlga

Global Media and China has just published its inaugural issue (Volume 1, Issue 4  December 2016). You can freely read this inaugural issue at: The index is included below.

700 euros por tres semanas. Todo incluido!... The International College of NPU is going to run a summer camp in Xian for 20 days this summer. Students interested in Chinese culture and language are invited to participate in the summer camp. Here are the details for your reference.

*Time* and *Schedule** Ask for references to Olga Gil at the School of Communications.
*Qualification**:  *Students hold a foreign passport.
*Fees**: *Participants have to be responsible for their own travel expenses. The tuition fee is 5000RMB, which includes accommodation, meals, tuition, tickets and other cultural activities fee.
*Achievements**:* Students who have successfully pass all the courses and exams are eligible to obtain 3 credits of Chinese language course and 2 credits of Chinese cultural course.
*Registration way:* Fill out the application form and send it to Xiaohan [lixiaohan at nwpu dot edu dot cn] via
email before May 14, 2017.

Global Media and China Index. Volume 1,  December 2016 

Special Section: Media and Entertainment Industry: The World and China

  • Introduction by Anthony De Ritis. Media and entertainment industry: The world and China
  • Terry Flew, Entertainment media, cultural power, and post-globalization: The case of China’s international media expansion and the discourse of soft power
  • Weiying Peng, Sino-US film coproduction: A global media primer
  • Giuseppe Richer, Global film market, regional problems
  • Yilu Liang, Wanqi Shen, Fan economy in the Chinese media and entertainment industry: How feedback from super fans can propel creative industries’ revenue
  • Diming Tang, Robert Lyons. An ecosystem lens: Putting China’s digital music industry into focus
  • Yu Zhang, Nicholas Lovrich. Portrait of justice: The spirit of Chinese law as depicted in historical and contemporary drama