Monday, 6 February 2017

Settling a consortium to bid for H2020 funds. First lesson

We are in the process of building up a consortium to bid for H2020 funds for both nature based solutions and social challenges in cities. What we he have discovered in the process -as it is the first time we bid for H2020 funds- is that the consortium of cities is a first and sine qua non condition to be able to present our bid. And this is why we are the most grateful to those cities that are willing to come with us in this H2020 Call for funds. When we explain stakeholders how different we are from other consortiums we stress three things.

Local Politics Network
1) Our specific strength on local politics. The European network of specialists on local politics is at the core, and makes us very attractive to technological -and other- stakeholders because of our understanding of governance, previous links with local managers and scientific impact.

Communications Strenght
2) The leverage on Communications. Since the proposal started to be drafted at the School of Communications at UCJC in March 2016, we are very strong in terms of tools -including UCJC Medialab. This means a strong ability to communicate the process and results of science to society.

Great and Differential Partners
3) We have got great partners. Let´s recall Paisaje Transversal and IMIDRA in Spain as an example.

What we also have is a deep understanding of networks and we are interested on reaching special audiences throughout this applied work, and make the most positive impact upon the greater number of world cities.

What we are seeking:
- Partner cities, frontrunners and followers
- Stakeholders that help us to make a positive difference on cities

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